Editors Required

You will have seen the size of the project we have set ourselves. This is only possible by breaking the large project into many small tasks. Many of these tasks are done for us all by the volunteer editors. Editors take an interest in a topic, a local area, or the needs of a profession. Identify the best sites, work out which sites should be on buttons and what should be included in back up listings and other information. Editors do not have to have any web development skills, as we handle all that, it is their time, and opinion that we seek.

What does an editor do?

An editor takes over from us a screen, it could be a topic screen, a screen relevant to a profession, a local area screen or some other specialist part. They then look at what we have already in that section and elsewhere in the system, look at other sites by identifying them on known sites from link pages, from magazines on the topic, local or national newspapers, reference sources, and search engines. Look at all the sites they have found and decide which is most useful and how the sites should be arranged on buttons for the screen. Often they will create listings of all they have found, sometimes they will write an overview of the topic, or provide other specific pages they feel you and I would find helpful. They give us the information, we put it on the site and then the editor checks out every link just to make sure we have done what they wanted.

From this point on, the task for the editor is to monitor developments, occasionally check all links, and extend any areas they feel are necessary.

Its quite fun, a detective game, working out how to structure information, what screens we need and finding all the information we want.

How do I know the areas or screens you need editors for?

From the start-page menus, you can see many links, some are underlined and pages exist for these and some are not and as yet no page has been added. We have created pages now for all topics we have collections in Best Of The Best for, but most don't have buttons entered other than a BOTB link.  Best-of-the-Best pages, with many sites already identified is of course as good as nay of the other listing sources of web sites and we like to think better. 

If a page exists for your interest then look at the bottom of the page, and it will tell you who the editor is or if the editors position is currently vacant. If the editor slot on the page says it is vacant, If no page exists, or there is not even an entry in the menuing system then that page is available, and we would love you to take on the task. Later we will also be showing pages that have been built by editors where the editor is looking for someone else to take over their maintenance. If you are not sure please email us, and we will let you know what is happening.

I can see a need you have not covered

Great, look at the guidelines within the editors section of the development menu, just to see where it fits and then let us know what you would like to do.

Can I be an editor for a number of screens?

Yes, in fact some areas may logically go together. However it is better to take on one or two to start, get these running, find out if this is enjoyable for you and then take on other topics later. There is no shortage of screens. How much you do on each screen and how many screens you take on is up to you, it all depends on the amount of interest you have and how much time you have available. Estimate how much time it will take to do a screen topic and multiply this by 4 or 6 to get the actual time it will take, and only take on screens that you can get up and running within a month. The best way of course is to look at a screen, do that, and when that has reached the proof stage, then select another screen to do.

Of course many people will feel that one screen is enough for them, and we will never press them to do more.

How long do I have to produce a page

The target is to get pages up and running within a month., in practice it may only take you a day or two. If a month has passed and we haven't heard anything, we will ask you for a progress report, and regularly from this point forward. If we do not see any progress being made we will make the screen available for others to undertake. If you are a perfectionist, we suggest you get a basic screen up and running ASAP, and then go on improving it over time. That way you and others get to use it, and others also have the opportunity to email you with suggestions.

What help is available to me

From the development menu, we have a collection of screens specifically for editors that will give you details on what to do, and guidelines to work to. You will also find from the development menu that there is a special version of Start-Page for editors, this has the compact menu at the top and special buttons below.

Can several of us work together

Yes, but we ask you to identify an editor, the one person who will co-ordinate your efforts. If you have several screens of course you can each be editors of one or more. 

I have a question or concern

Most of the questions you have, you will find answered in the editors section of the development menu, or within the help menu, but if you cannot find an answerer then email us at editors@start-page.co.uk

How do I get started

Identify the screen you would like to do, if there is a screen in existence or there is a topic for it on Best-of-the-Best, look for a reference number at the end of the table on the page and quote this, as well as the page title if you can, just to avoid confusion.

Please volunteer now, because if you don't, you may just never get around to it and we really need your help.

How to let us know you wish to be an editor

This is quite easy as we have a special response form that will allow you to tell us about the areas that interest you, this open on a new page and after completing it you can close it to get back to this page.

Click here to see editors response form

You can also use the general response form, available from the response button throughout this system or by clicking the button below.

Click here to see the general response form