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This site is progressing well, but not yet fully live, many sections are now working. You will find that if text turns red when your mouse pointer is over a choice it will work. 


You will find that selecting 'best-of-the-best' by using the button at the bottom left gets you into a fully working directory system. The sort button also takes you to very useful pages. Other sections are being added all the time.


If you have any suggestions send them to keith@video-architect.co.uk or press the feedback button above.

To find out what has changed and is happening now see the development section.


To use :- 

  1. Select below left, topic, profession, or local, any of the center topics or a yellow flashed item in the topic list.
  2. Select the item in the left-hand panels ie Sport -F1 racing.
  3. Select the resource by pressing one of the many buttons available on your topic.
  4. Closing other windows should bring you back to start-page.
  5. Bookmark, or add to favourites now, so you can get back again.
As well as the default look, there are several others, click on compact to see one of these. You will discover others as you explore further, particularly on the professions menu and in friendly systems.

If you cannot find your topic on the topic list press Index or the + button to expand your list or select item with yellow backgrounds for expanded  listings.


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Use the help button on the top to get to more instructions or development button to find out more about the system generally and progress being made. Please enjoy your time with us, and come back often.