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WWW Address Site Name Description  One Tel Telecommunications Mobile Communications  Alcatel Telecommunications  Alfatronix Mobile communications  Alpha Telecom Telecommunications  Wall to Wall Communications Mobile Communications  Beyond 2000 Mobile Communications  BT Telecommunications  BT Pagers Telecommunications  Business Call Centre Ltd Mobile Communications  Car Kit Direct Mobile Communications  Cellular City Mobile Communications  Cellnet Mobile Communications  Cellularauction Mobile Communications  Cellular Direct - UK Mobile Communications  Cellustar Mobile Communications  CFL Mobile Phones Mobile Communications  CJM Communications Mobile Communications  Foneguard Mobile Phone Insurance Mobile Communications  Cable & Wireless Telecommunications  Digital Talk Ltd Mobile Communications  Directphones Mobile Communications  DJ communications Mobile Communications  Dolphin Telecommunications  Energis Telecommunications  Ericsson Ltd A world-leading supplier telecommunications systems and terminals.  Ericsson Telecommunications  Esprit Telecommunications  EZE Semiconductor Agents in UK & Eire for MDT micro controllers.  First Telecom Telecommunications  Fone Ranger Ltd, The Mobile phone and wire-free telecommunications supplier in Glossop, Derbyshire.  Garmin Global Positioning System company.  Genie from Cellnet Latest UK news and entertainment. Personalised information to your mobile phone.  MTV Mobile phones with 6 months line rental.  Heath Communications Mobile Communications  Motorola GPRS Mobile communications  IBexTec Mobile Communications  Zainab Cellular Accessories Mobile Communications  Jabra Online Shop, The Mobile Communications JM Communications Mobile phones, pagers and mobile data. News of developments and new phones. Keep In touch Mobile Communications MBS Communications Mobile communications MCD Direct Mobile communications MCI Worldcom Telecommunications Mercury Telecommunications Message Base Mobile communications Miah Telecom Mobile communications Mobile bargains Store Mobile communications Mobile Centre Limited Mobile communications Mobile Communications International Mobile communications Mobile Emporium Mobile communications Staples Mobile Communications Mobile Communications MobileShop Mobile communications Motorola Mobile Communications MultiTel Mobile Communications Telecom 140 Mobile Communications Newgate Communications Mobile Communications Nokia Phones Mobile Communications Norweb Telecommunications Nynex Telecommunications Odyssey Telecommunications OFTEL Telecommunications One 2 One Telecommunications One Stop Phone Shop, The Mobile Communications Accessories Online Mobile Communications Option International UK Ltd mobile Data Communications Orange Personal Communications Services Ltd Mobile Communications Orange General Phone World Mobile Communications Polar Communications Ltd Mobile Communications Samsung Telecommunications Satphones Direct Mobile Communications Save Me Mobile phones and carriers. Scancom Communications Mobile Communications SeeTech Mobile Communications Siemens Telecommunications Student Mobiles Mobile Communications Talkingshop Mobile Communications Talkland Mobile Communications Telecom UK Telecommunications Telewest Telecommunications Dog and Bone Co, the Mobile Communications The Link Telecommunications Phone Man, The Mobile Communications Technology Information Centre Knowledge Base A database of more than 3,000 UK-based telecommunications and IT companies. Torch Telecommunications Toucan Mobile Communications Orange Mobile Communications  Uniecom Mobile Communications Com One Telecommunications Vodafone Mobile Communications UK Mobile Phones Mobile Communications WaveTech Mobile Communications Webfold Internet communications Mobile Communications West One Technology Mobile Communications Freedom Phones Mobile Communications Wirefree mobiles Mobile Communications World Telecom Telecommunications Cellular Superstore Mobile Communications yakk Mobile Communications

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