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WWW Address Site Name Description    Reference    Reference    Reference  Book data Bibliographic information services    Reference    Reference  Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Free with brief articles but a good search engine.  Janes Reference  MegaConverter Obscure measurements to answer obscure mathematical questions.    Reference  Quoteland Search engine for finding quotes in general or for a specific subject.  Rough Guide Reference  Scene One Reference  Phrase Finder Give it a word, it'll find you a phrase, tell you where it originated  Skeptics Society Information Site  Morse Code Convert Morse code to English.  Population Gives the worlds population figure.  Symbols Correct meanings for signs.  Rogets Thesaurus Search engine for specific synonyms, or browse by 'classes' of words or alphabetically.  Acronyms Does that logo you just thought of exist. Check it out here.    Reference    Reference  Warner ESP (Music Catalogue) Reference  A Word a Day Improve your vocabulary you can even have a word a day e-mailed to you.  ZDNet Webopaedia Technological language updates.

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