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WWW Address Site Name Description  Shaw Project Provide homes, support and jobs for people with learning disability.  Adoption Information Line Children  Citizens Advice Bureau Community  Darlington Cruse Bereavement Care Provides a free, confidential bereavement counseling service.  Alzheimer's Disease Society, Darlington Branch we give support and practical help to families, carers and people with dementias.  Alcohol Concern Health  Alcoholics Anonymous Health  Alzheimer's Association Health  Alzheimer's Disease Society Health  Amnesty International  International Association of Muslim Psychologists (Europe) Associations  Association of professional Ambulance Personnel Associations  British Organ Donor Society Illness/Disease  ASFI Ltd The association of suppliers to the furniture industry.  Auto Trader Used cars online. Search by model, price, age, registration numbers. Advertise online.  British Association of Emergency Medial Technicians Ancillary Service  BAFTA Organisations  British Beekeepers Association Clubs and Associations  Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service Encouraging Community Action.  British Institute of Embalmers Organisation  Business in the Community The leading authority on corporate community involvement in the UK.  British Model Flying Association Clubs and Associations  Brighton and Hove Community Organisations Charities  Council for British archaeology Internet Information Service Environment  Royal British Legion Clubs and Associations  British Safety Council Ancillary Service  British Society of Audiology General  British Society of Dentistry for the Handicapped Healthcare  British Toxicology Society Ancillary Service  British Youth Council Clubs and Associations
www.caa  Civil Aviation Authority Flying  CAMRA Clubs and Associations  Carers Support Mailing List General  Carers Association Campaigns General  Carers Connect Scotland Healthcare  Carers National Association Ancillary Service  Childrens Book Council Magazines Books & Authors  Confederation of UK Businesses Providing protection, promotion, support, advice whatever your business.  Centerpoint Youth  Civic Trust Environmental Group and Preservations Society  Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire  Protects, preserves, promotes and presents the rich heritage.  Council of Europe International Organisation  Devon Community Foundation Charities  Turntable Furniture Project Charities  Crafts Council Clubs & Associations  Crisis Community  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Complimentary  Hammersmith United Charities Sheltered housing for the elderly in Hammersmith.  Independent Medical consultancy Services Associations  Charles Dickens heritage Foundation Charities  English Heritage Environmental Group and Preservations Society  English-Speaking Union, the Promoting international understanding and friendship worldwide.  European Commission International Organisation  European Parliament International Organisation  Express Link Up Charities  Finnish Church Guild, The Charities  Federation of Communications Services Includes advice for safe communications on the move and members directory.  Farndon house Information Trust A UK charity offering advice and training on Internet and related topics.  Firework Safety Campaign General  Families Need Fathers Charities  G8 International Organisation  Gamblers Anonymous Health  James Stewardson Research and Welfare Trust for Children with TPI Charities  Geoff Brown Charitable Trust Charities  George House Trust Charities  Depression Alliance Self-help organisation for sufferers of depression and their carers.  Priority Youth Housing Charities  Good News Family Care Charities  Health and Education for All Sponsor a child and help provide shelter, health and education to needy children.  HelpNet Forum for the use of information technology to assist charities.  Help the Aged Community  home Farm Trust Charities  Historic Houses Association Environmental Group and Preservations Society  Institute Of Home Safety  Hovercraft Club of Great Britain Clubs and Associations  Hull University Rag Charities  International Atomic Agency International Organisation  International Red Cross International Organisation  IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers, how to join, calendar of events and an information database.  Institute for Global Communications  International Monetary Fund International Organisation  International Maritime Organisation International Organisation  Internet Watch Foundation Keeps an eye open for all that is illegal or distasteful on the internet. Provides phone numbers (hotlines) you can call and tell it about what you've found.  International Crisis Group International Organisation  Institute Of Therapeutic Correction General  Keighley and District Association for the Blind Charities  Keston institute Charities  national kidney Federation Illness/Disease  Leonard Cheshire Foundation, The 330 homes and Services, support for physical and learning disabilities.  British Walking Federation (IVV) General  British Federation of Care Home Proprietors Healthcare  MediaOptions Projects Getting communities to communicate.  Mensa Clubs and Associations  Mensa Foundation for Gifted children, The Charities  Medical Research Council Associations  North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisation Charities  National Association For Colitis And Crohn's Disease Illness/Disease  National Association of Health Authorities & Trusts Ancillary Service  National Association of Memorial Masons Funerals  nautical Archaeology Society, The Environment  National Trust Environmental Group and Preservations Society  NATO International Organisation  National Caving Association Outdoor Pursuits  National Lottery Charities Board north East Online Charities  NewTel Also host sites from Newham community and voluntary sector groups.  Women's Institute Clubs and Associations  National Lotteries Charity Commission Community  National Osteoporosis Society Help and advice on the thinning of the bones usually begins in women after the menopause.  National Pharmaceutical Association Pharmacy  National Pharmaceutical Association Associations  National Playing Fields Association UK Government Agency  Nuffield Trust, The Bestowing grants for medical research.  Neighbourhood Watch Community  Organisation fro Economic Co-operation & Development International Organisation  OFTEL The UK telecoms regulator.  The New Internationalist  One World Broadcasting Trust, The Independent UK charity relating to broadcasting on television, radio & the Internet.  United nations association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland General  Paintball Zone Clubs and Associations  Association of Clinical pathologists Associations  Pick's Disease Support Group, The Charities  Penal Lexicon Prisons, penal affairs and human rights.  Progress We offer low cost training to other voluntary sector organisations.  RAFT Institute, The Reconstructive, plastic & burns surgery research.  Royal Agricultural Society of England Charities  Centre for Alternative Technology Charities  Relate Community  Royal Commonwealth Institute International Organisation  Homelessness in the UK Charities  Royal national Lifeboat Institution Charities  World Wide Robin Hood Society General  Rotaract Club Clubs and Associations  Rotary International Community  Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, The Funerals  Salvation Army Community  Samaritans, The Charities  Save The Children Humanitarian organisation serving the plight of children.  National Association for Child Support Action Information  International Alber Schweitzer Foundation International Organisation  Sefton-Online Project, The The gateway to the web pages of charities in the Borough of Sefton on Merseyside.  Scottish hospital Endowments Research Trust Charities  Choice Support Charities  Slough Musical Theatre Company Charities  Spinal foundation, The Illness/Disease  Business Opportunities for the Physically Handicapped Charities  Avonmouth International Seafarers Centre Centre for the Wellbeing of Seafarers entering Avonmouth and Royal Portbury.  Sandwell Traffic And Road Safety General  North West Fundraisers of Save the Children UK Charities  Summerfield Charitable Trust Charities  Commonwealth International Organisation  The AA Automobile Association's site.  Cleaford Pages, The A charity working in Romania, computer services to the church, and puppets.  The Stage Trade paper for theatre and television. Updated weekly.  Diana Memorial Fund Community  Trees For Life Charities  Technology Transfer Institute UK seminars and conferences on IT.  Janjua & Assoc Immigration and naturalization advice  United Nations International Organisation  Vegan Society Clubs & Associations  Vegetarian Society Clubs & Associations  Families Acting for Innocent Relatives General  Viva Network, The A Christian charity networking street children charities world-wide.  Voluntary Organisations Internet Server Charities  Shelter Provide aid and advice in all areas of homelessness and housing.  Voluntary Service Belfast Charities Information  Winged Fellowship Trust Holidays and respite care for physically disabled adults.  Wilf Ward Family Trust, The Provides relief to carers.  World Meteorological Organisation International Organisation  Women's Aid Community Association of Woodturners Clubs and Associations World Bank International Organisation Smithsonian Institution International Organisation WRVS Clubs and Associations World Trade Organisation International Organisation World War 2 Display Team Charities Youth Hostelling Association Clubs and Associations YMCA Clubs and Associations Youth Clubs UK Clubs and Associations Federation of Poles in Great Britain Polish social, cultural, veteran & educational organisations.

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