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WWW Address Site Name Description AlterNet Independent Media Institute site supporting industry and alternative journalism.  American News Service News The Anorak News and Current Affairs from Reuters. A e-zine using photos. Associated Press News organization providing news for journalists. APB Online News and Current Affairs focusing on crime, justice and safety. BBC Talking Point News Analysis  International Business News A news service for business with an international coverage. Cloverweb Produces indexes to newspapers and magazines for libraries. Crayon Internet news services for the US market, where you can create your own newspapers. Desktop News Create your own newspaper using downloaded software. NewsDirectory Links to newspaper page direct. Electronic Newsstand Buy selected newspapers and magazines online. US sports news site. Foreignwire News service covering International news. Newsstand Connection USA Resource. The Good News Network Reporting on only good and positive news from the US newspapers. IMEDIAFAX Specializing in news release distribution, for US audience. Providing customized news for the US market. InfoBeat Personalized email newspaper. Infogate Free personalized newspaper. Media Monitors News services for Australian News. Megastar News and Current Affairs Megastories News and Current Affairs  BBC Monitoring Radio, television and news agency reports My.Com US site that allows you to create your own newspaper. News Library News article archive. Charges apply.  News Page Links to  Newspaper Society Information site  UK News Review Covering Business news.  Newsworld International forum dedicated to the Broadcast News industry. For senior professionals in International news. Need To Know News and Current Affairs Pathfinder Links to PointCast Network Links to The Positive Press Supplying positive news from mainstream media.  The Prnet Newswire Database of news stories. Reuters News Services Soccernet Football news for the UK. The Smoking Gun US Government documents via Freedom of Information. The Week You have to login before you can look at the site. United Press International US News  Omnivore Neutral point of view news on the world's top stories. Global news and information site. What the Papers Say British newspapers online updated week day mornings. Can put the daily news into your own web site for free. The Wire News site from Associated Press. Covering internet press.  Zenger News Covering news which deals with promoting individual liberty and traditional American values.

Other sites that may not be functional.

WWW Address Site Name Description  Project ACORN Journals - no web site found AJR NewsLink Services - no web site found Arastar Internet News Page Resources Web Press Resources  Conservative News Site no longer exists.  Currant-bun Links to a portal site. CNN Custom news Services The Drudge Report News and Current Affairs. No longer exists. Internet Press Pulled due to high use, now links to A First News Source No longer exists.  IGC Headline News Information Site ITN Online Desktop News No longer available. Worldwide Daily News Index News service. May 2001 under reconstruction, but has links to other news sites. News and Newspapers Online Resources Azraael's Links Not in service NewsLinks Not in service Metaplus News No  longer exists. Mirror Syndication International Wouldn't link. The Hima News June 2001. Still under construction. HotBot:  News Channel Services Sympatico NewsExpress Services NewsHound Services NewsTracker Services RealAudio:  ABC News Not connecting. The Register Site not accessible. Israel National Radio:  Arutz7 NEWS Couldn't find web site.  Newsquest Media Group Not found.

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