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WWW Address Site Name Description  3M Pharmaceutical  Abbott Pharmaceutical  Allergan Pharmaceutical  Amersham International Pharmaceutical  Advanced Medical Technology Deep vein thrombosis diagnosis.  Antisoma Biopharmaceutical company  Asta Medica Pharmaceutical  AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical  BASF Pharmaceutical  Bayer Pharmaceutical  Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical  Chugai pharma Europe Ltd Pharmaceutical company.  Dales Pharmaceuticals Ltd Pharmaceutical services.  Dermalux Ltd Treatment  dotpharmacy Associations  Fischer Pharmaceutical  Dura Pharmaceutical  East Anglian Pharmaceuticals Distributes pharmaceuticals in East Anglia.  Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists Complimentary  Frontline medicine Treatment  Glaxo Wellcome PLC Healthcare company  Glaxo Wellcome Pharmaceutical  Hoechst Pharmaceutical  Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical  Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical  Merck Pharmaceutical  Monsanto Pharmaceutical  Searle Pharmaceutical  My Pharmacy Treatment  Novartis Pharmaceuticals, generics, consumer health, and eye care and ophthalmics. Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Organon Pharmaceutical Pfizer Pharmaceutical Proctor & Gamble US Corporation Pharmapages Coverage includes pharmaceutical site launches, condition specific sites. Pharmacy Mutual Insurance Co Ltd General Progesterone A natural cream for post menopausal osteoporosis patients. Quadrant Healthcare Plc Drug delivery company Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Complimentary Roche Pharmaceutical Royal Society of Medicine Medicine Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain Pharmacy SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceutical Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical Solvay Pharmaceutical Takeda Pharmaceutical UK-Yes! Online purchase of Viagra pills with doctor's prescription. Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical

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