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WWW Address Site Name Description  International anti-aging Systems Ltd Treatment  Ask and Expert Health issue  Breast Cancer Online Illness/Disease  Hypnotica A guide to hypnotising yourself. For men and women advice on how to keep mentally all there.  British Medical Journal Magazines  Body Positive Illness/Disease  BT Health Delivering information and innovation throughout the healthcare community.  CancerPoint Illness/Disease  Care Select How to identify the ideal care home for you.  CMA Medical Data Provides directories and data on healthcare, medical facilities and personnel.   CIBAVision Information service for eye care professionals.  Condoms Information on the condom.  Cyber Hospital Healthcare  Day Surgery Information Centre Treatment  Hernia Information Illness/Disease  north Derbyshire Doctors Information Healthcare Peer-led resource for UK doctors. Free email for all users, medical library.  Dr Greens House Calls Health issue  NHS IM and T Enabling People Programme NHS information management and technology training and development.  Pulse Magazines  Expel Programme, The Educational site on treatment to eliminate head lice.  Fibroid News Illness/Disease  Financial Times Healthcare Biotechnology  Go Ask Alice Deals with personal problems of men and women.  UK Healthcare Guide to UK medical information on the web as well as its own clinic.  Healthgate Advice and and a search engine for men's health issues.  Health in focus Healthcare  Health Net UK Healthcare  HealthPages Health professional and NHS suppliers listings and web hosting.  Healthweb Healthcare  Healthworks Online Health and medical information for health professionals.  Health Clinic Health issue  Manual For Carers Illness/Disease  Manual For You Illness/Disease  Summer Skin Care How to prevent skin cancer.  Information on Developments in IM and T for the NHS Healthcare  UK Register Of IS Therapists Healthcare Promotion of residential and nursing homes in the UK.  Stress Advice Online Treatment  Quit Smoking Practical advice, and numerous facts about smoking.  LondonHealth London's one-stop internet health and fitness information provider.  Current medical literature Illness/Disease  Maggie's Centre Illness/Disease  Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad Ancillary Service  Medicine Now Small fee to use this site to get advice on personal health problems. People with an illness can find someone to lend a hand.  Medinet Illness/Disease  Cancer Help Information for patients and families on cancer.  Mens Health Monthly magazine for men about their health issues.!!usi1bxuruusk0nzu/pubs/  Merck Publications Manual of diagnosis.  Merton's Drug's Information Youth  Migraine Action Practical help for migraine sufferers.  Mouthcare News Bad breath? Teeth uncomfortable? Gums Bleeding? pain in your mouth or face?  Cervical Cancer Smear tests help to detect but find out more on this site.  North Essex Health Promotion Healthcare  OMNI The UK's independent gateway to high quality biomedical Internet resources.  Osteopathic Information Service Complimentary  Ovarian Cancer Another women's cancer.  Parents Place Health issue  Patient UK Self Help, ethics, complimentary medicine and illnesses discussed.  Hayfever Information and advice.  Health Promotion: Priority Healthcare Wearside Healthcare  Priory Healthcare Advice about addictions, eating disorders and psychiatric disorders.  Sabre Stairlift Systems Ltd new and reconditioned stairlifts for sale or for rental throughout Great Britain.  Health and Nursing Health issue  Cosmetic Surgery Plastic surgery options available for different bits.  Takeheart Health Check, The Illness/Disease  Tampax Information on their products and women's issues.  Lancet Magazines  Stress studies (UK) Healthcare UK Medics Information technology for UK healthcare providers. The Vegetarian Pages Health issue Viagra Information on the drug for impotence. Ask a Woman Doctor Information for women provided by Dr's

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