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WWW Site Name Description    Games  Serious Games Interactive international contemporary art.  The Adrenaline Vault For computer game addicts.    Games  The Dump Game code on offer for SNES or megadrives.    Games    Games  Barrysworld Information on computer games.  Blues News Keeps you abreast of latest developments in computer games,  Capcom Creators of Street Fighter and Resident evil with links to other offices and information.  Connect4 Online Game  Dave's Classics Games  Playstation Games Unofficial site containing information on games currently available.  Pacman Online Game    Games  Games Domain Information and interaction on games.  Gamespot Competitions, charts, cheats and information based around the UK games market.  PC Gaming World Linked to Gamespot a UK gaming magazine.  GameSpy Play a game with someone else on the other side of the world.    Games    Games  Handy Lynx Emulator How to play Atari Lynx games on a PC.  Happy Puppy Tips, solutions, cheats and hints on killing the freaky thing in Tomb Raider.  Magic Engine Information site  Konami Official site of Japanese video game company.  Lottery Letters Word game.  Emu News Service Modern computer emulations.    Games  Monopoly Games    Games  Online Gamer  Chess Online chess game.    Games  PlanetQuake Devoted to Quake 2.  Riverbelle Online Game  Scrabble Games  You don't know Jack Download software to play a trivia teaser. Trivial Pursuit Games Video Game Strategies N64, PlayStation and PC game help. Virtual Vegas Online Game Wireplay Online gaming. Emulators Page Information on how to play games.

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