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WWW Address Site Name Description  Acorn II Dog cage manufacturer delivered to your door.  Animal Adoption  The Sad, Mad Chukkie Site  Animail Pet Shop  Animal Aid UK Leading animal rights organization.  UK Animal Rescuers  Animal Rights Resource Site Provides information for those involved in animals rights.  The AVMA Network Answers questions on pet care, selection and loss. Kids corner includes pictures that can be printed out and coloured in together with helpful advice on feeding, training, basic care etc.  Animal Health Information Information on dental care, pet population, vaccinations and other diseases.  Bengalcats  Animal Omnibus Reference listing of animal web sources indexed by name of animal.  Online Animal Catalogue Articles, pictures and links relating to all kinds of animals.  Born Free Animal welfare and conservation charity.  Bramblewood Bengals  Brinkandmolly  Canine Film Academy  Virtual Memorial Garden A FREE service where you can have a memorial for your family, friends and pets.  Inter-Species Telepathy Documents telepathic experiences between pet owners and their pets. Links to material evidence and discussion groups.  Dophin Society Includes elephant pictures and the ability to transform yourself into a dolphin.  Entomology Images and photographs of insects.  3D Insects A virtual 3D world of creepy crawlies.  Euroclub  Faith Animal Rescue  Forum (Holdings) Ltd Pharmaceutical products for the food, health & animal nutrition markets.  The Naked Dancing Llama Philosophical advice from a Naked Llama.  Greyfriars Bobby  Hugs for Homeless Animals A list of shelters, societies, rescue organizations worldwide together with a lost and found section.  Casper the Talking Cat Institute of Feline Linguistics. Cyber Pet Pet shop International Fund for Animal Welfare Read the latest news and results of its protection for animals and their environments. International League for the Protection of Horses k9web Resources for the canine community. Find breeders, groomers, boarding, pet care and trainers. Kaypark Herefords Kent Ornithological Society People Against Poodles Have your say if you're not keen on poodles. Meditrina Scottish Horse and Pet Supplies National Anti-Vivisection Society Animals Nutro Orthopedic Foundation for Animals Non profit organisation promoting animal wellness. Information of interest can be downloaded and visitors can perform database queries. Orangutan Foundation UK Ornithological Society of the Middle East Animals, Myths and Legends An Australian site biased towards its native animals. The site gives and collects stories. World Wide Fund for Nature Animals Puddy's Homepages Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Community Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals The official site of the Society. Information about the work of the RSPCA how the public can help, cyber pets, online advice and screensavers. Animal Information Database A SeaWorld site looking at the many water animals it provides homes for. At feeding times Webcams are turned on so you can see your favourite sea animal being looked after. Nature Collections Photos and graphics artwork of animals in their natural habitat. Taxidermist Mike Gadd Blue Cross Animals The Forge Top Marque Traditional Quality Feeds Tusk Force Animals Open House Animal Sanctuary Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society WWF UK Animals

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