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WWW Address Site Name Description  Ability Resource for those requiring a starting point to finding disability information.  Access-Ability Disabled/handicapped resources games, downloads, links, classified.  Food Allergy Testing Special Needs  Disabled Living Foundation Special Needs  Autism99 Special Needs  Can Do Anything Special Needs  Chiltern Invadex Group Manufacturers of products for the elderly  Centre for Independent Living in Glasgow, The Special Needs  Cleavers Mobility Centre Suppliers of powered and manual wheelchairs, scooters and homecare products.  Cochlear Implant Information Centre Special Needs  Communic-8 Computer systems for people with disabilities.  Margaret Jackson Centre Special Needs  A Deafblindness Web Resource Special Needs  A-Z to Deafblindness Special Needs  Action for Blind People Charities  Disablement-health-images-welfare-index.htm Special Needs  Birmingham Disability Resource Centre Special Needs  Disability Net Special Needs  Disability Now Charities  British Disabled Flying Club Flying  INPP Special Needs  UK Christian Singing Special Needs  Herefordshire Disablement Information Charities  Kestrel Grove Residential Nursing Home Special Needs  LTC Direct Special Needs  Mind Health  Mind Charities  Music Workshop Project, The Special Needs  Disability and Access in Bristol Special Needs  On-line Disability Information Service Special Needs  National Autistic Society, The Special Needs  Royal National Institute for the Blind Special Needs  Royal National Institute for Deaf People, The Special Needs  SabreCare Special Needs  Special Needs Support Pages Special Needs  Disfigurement Guidance Special Needs   Disabled Data Link Group UK Special Needs  Winslow Press Special Needs  Autism99 internet conference Special Needs

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