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WWW Address Site Name Description  1 Stop Technology General Planet PC Video Computer reseller.  2DM Computers PC  ABCOM Computer Services General  Absolute Computers PC  Acara Ltd Used SUN Microsystems  Access Technology General  Advanced Computers PC  Adata Ltd PC  Adder Technology PC  Andrew Graeme Computers PC  Agency Sales Ltd Computer components  Akhter Computers Ltd Computer technology.  Alpha Reprographics General  Alva Computer Services Computer supplier.  Arma-Plating Data Systems PC  Argyle Management Support Ltd General  AMV Supplies Ltd Supplier of consumables for colour printers.  Amwill Computers PC  AniX Group Ltd General  Anmex Ltd PC  Arcom Control systems General  Aria Technology PC  The PC GP PC  Acron Risc Technologies Software, Hardware products  ATC Components General  Atomstyle Direct Computers The computer people.  ATS Solutions General  ATS TechniRent General  ATW Computer Services Ltd General  Autodata Group Compaq & Digital reseller, HP, 3Com  Aztec Computer Rentals General  Baldane Ltd General  Bannerbridge Plc General  Barcode Readers Co UK General  BB Electronics PC  Beechman and Co General  Blue-Chip Computer Solutions Ltd PC  The Cymru Amiga User Group General  Box 42 Special needs computing supplies of computers  Brian Bass Ltd General  Byson computers Psion PDA's and accessories  Byte The computer superstore.  Abacus Computer Cables Telecom  Cardigan Computer Company, The PC  Castle PC  Great Expectations PC  Free Stuff Link Center General  Chalfont Computer Centre PC  Citrus computers General  Bristol Clone Centre General  Clove technology General  Computer Office Group General  Digital Colour Solutions General  Com 2 Computers PC  HelpLine Computer Services PC  CommStore Online shopping for US Robotics, Shiva, Netscape, Psion Dacom.  Paramount Computer Rentals Compaq products - rental.  Computer Connection (EA) Ltd Supplier of computer systems, components, peripherals.  The Computer Information Centre General  CompuSolve IT Products, service, and support PC  Telephone Numbers For Computer Companies General  Lightwave Computer, audio and video cables and accessories.  Computer Parts International PC  Eurodata Computer Supplies Online computer products, media, duplication & promotional products.  Computer Trader Interactive database of second-hand computers and related equipment.  Computronik Systems PC  Comtrol General Concorde Electronics Sellers of second user IT equipment.  Connexion Inc Ltd Supplier of computers, peripherals, accessories, and software.  Comtronics Computer Solutions PC  Cornet PC  C&R Technologies PC  Computer Solutions and Finance Group PLC General  Computer Technology Corps Ltd PC  101 Computers General  Cybertek Computers PC  Cybogen PC  Dabs Direct Mail order computer company  DataBuild Information Systems General  Datacentre Isle of Man's best IT supplier.  Datacom Computing PC  Datagen technologies Ltd PC systems and components  Debugsys ICT Computer Support Services PC  Del-Tek General  Applied Technologies Manufacturing Ltd PC products  Richnight Ltd Memory upgrades.  Dicoll Supplier of touch screen products  Digital UK General  Digital State General  DLQ Computers General  Direct-IT General  DirectSource General  Ultimate Storage Ltd General  D&P Data Systems Ltd PC  DSKTI Ltd General  Dunning Computer Services General  AKTIV Computer Products Ltd Printer supplies and consumables.  European Advanced systems Engineering General  Nexgen Computer Services PC  ECPC Computers PC  Electronic Modular Solutions Ltd PC  EPS Club General  Esteem Computers PLC General  Euronetwork General  Euronetwork Computer Accessories PC  Eurotech Distribution General  Factfinder Information Systems Computer equipment  First Surplus Used computers and accessories  Fox Direct General  FreeBSD UK User's Group General  FX Multimedia computer hardware, software, accessories and systems.  Combat Computers PC systems  Greedypig Computers web and LAN computers.  Grorud General  Gwent Computers General  Handhelds Direct Suppliers of organizers and palmtops  Handspring News E-Digest General  Hardsoft PC  Hardware 2000 PC  The Exchange PC  Hire IT General  Hitalteck PC  HK Micros PC shop for computing needs.  Huntly Computer Services PC  Hypertec Ltd PC  ICL Computer Users Association General  Dartmoor Digital Design IIID General  Iles Systems Ltd PC  Indescs Group Used and unused SUN systems  Inkjet Cartridges + General  Intelligent Computers Computers & components, and Web design.  Intergraph (UK) Ltd General  RX3 Intravsion General  ISL Computers Ltd PC  IT Computers General  IT Source A directory of IT suppliers  JAD Logic Ltd General  Javelin Computers PC  Jenart Design Ltd General  Jigsaw Online Apple computer reseller - Secure online ordering.  JMR Electronics Ltd General  JS Computer Services PC  Seal'n Type Protective type-through keyboard spill-covers:  Kanection MOD Chips General  Keltec Ltd General  Kelway Computer Supplies General  Key Components International Ltd PC  Klean IT PC  KMH Computers Pc  K-NET Ltd Systems integrators of high speed networks  Lanwarehouse Computers, software.  Laser Tech Laser printer toner and cartridge recycling.  Leek Computer Centre General  Expodata Systems General  Logitek Distribution Ltd Trade-only distributors of networking, desktop, portable computing h/w.  Lynwood Rugged Systems General  matrix Europe Ltd IBM, Compaq and DEC computers and peripherals.  Maxim Computer Services General  MaxMemory Ltd Memory distributors  MDS Marketing Batteries for notebook and laptop computers.  Merit Support General  Mesh Computers PLC  Mezz PC  MG Computer Services General  Microlite Computer Systems PC equipment and components.  Microsystem Support DEC Digital computer suppliers.  Mid-Blue international Ltd General  Mikrolive Ltd General  Misco Direct online ordering and mail order computer products.  Millennium Integrated Services Ltd Structured cabling design and installation.  Multimedia Direct Multimedia.  Monitors Online PC  Moray Micro PC  Microsoft Project User Group General  Matrix Group (Europe) Ltd General  Southampton Computer Training PC  Mercury Computer Services One stop shop for computer users.  Nikbyte Ltd PC  North Star Micros Computers and hardware suppliers  The Source Supplier of new and secondhand notebook computers.  Novatech PC  ITM components General  Nyquist Solutions General  Octave Systems United Kingdom General  Portable PC's PC  Open Integration PLC General  OptimumDirect PC Guide to the new palm-sized gadgets  Pan European Computer hardware and software.  Paragon Technology PC  Online Computers Computer supply and support.  PC Quote PC  PC2GO PC  PC Centre PC  PC Challenge Partnership General  PC Direct Netbuyer General  PC index-UK search engine for PC hardware prices search and compare thousands of prices  Pcquote PC  PC Repair PC  PC Service PC  PC Services PC  PC Technology Guide, The PC  PC User Group PC  PC Upgrader PC  PC World Business Direct PC  Pc'z Direct PC  Pericom PLC General  Phase 2 Computer Services General  Pine PC Direct PC  Pin-Outs.Com General  Polar Technology General  Powermark Online Provider of desktop IT solutions.  Premier Electronics Supplier of PC (PCMCIA) cards and peripherals.  Primary storage General  Pro-Byte Computers Ltd General  PSM Micro Computers Ltd PC  Pushbutton Solutions General  QMC Ltd General  Quick Holdings PLC PC  Radstone Technology General   RAM Computers UK Ltd PC  Ram Peripherals General  R and R CDT PLC General  RD Computers PC  Reactive Computer Services General  Readycrest Group General  Red dot direct Ltd Low cost ink the next day.  P and N Computers Systems, components & upgrades.  Redoak Home automation, X-10, energy efficient home design and Dabs Direct.  ReD Systems Ltd General  Regency Computers PC  Rental Technology Solutions General  Review Displays Ltd General  Rich Print 2000 General  Ripple Computers Ltd PC  RNS Computing PC  Roldec Systems PLC PC systems  Regency Office systems General  Computer Accessories Computer parts.  Sapphire Networks Data cables.  Silicon Based Solutions Limited PC  Scan International PC's and components.  Southern Components Ltd General  Scotland Direct PC  Seneca Consumables Ltd General General  Sillicon Alley General  Simply Computers PC  Slamdog Systems Ltd PC  SMT Computer Systems PC  PA Computer Products Ltd Peripheral products service.  P Brown Computer Systems Sales-Service-Repair-support of PC's  The Hub Supports the desktop computer as a creative tool.  SP Electronics PC sales, servicing and support.  Brighton PC Services Ltd PC  Sphinx CST Open Systems products.  PC-DVD.Net General  Starmount Ltd General  Street Price Find the best price  StreetPrice Find out best prices on 1001 computer-related products.  The Red Submarine computer Company General  Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd General  Swift Computer Systems PC  Syndicate Computers Ltd PC  Synergix Peripheral Systems General  SysOp Solutions Network PC  TC Computers PC  TCD Computer Group Ltd PC  Tech Direct PC  Technomatic PC supplies.  Tecnima PC  The PC Stop  Camberwell London  TMN Technology ltd General  Trade Shopper General  TR Computers PC PC based computer parts.  UK Technical Support General  UK UNIX User Group General  Ralcom Computers PC  User Group General  Vine Micros Ltd PC  VOI Computers General  Vortex Information Technology Limited PC  Virtual Presence Ltd General  Warwick Fraser General  Wedgwood Computers Ltd PC  Clyde Computing Ltd General  World of Computers Ltd Instant quotes for any PC  Woodville Ltd PC  Wstore General  Worldwide PC ltd PC  Xenex Technologies Ltd General

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