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WWW Address Site Name Description    Web Camera   Web Camera    Web Camera  Africam What animals are visiting the African water holes. Have a look.  NASA Web Cams Live pictures from the Kennedy Space Centre.    Web Camera  Almost Amazing Turtle Cam Live pictures of 2 turtles in a tank.  Aberdeen College Watch the students at work.    Web Camera  Orangutan Cam Watch the daily activities of 2 orangutans in Washington DC zoo.  Earthcam Directory of catagorised webcams throughout the US.    Web Camera  Fat World Cam Random pictures from over 100 live web cams from all over the world.  The Ghost Watcher A video camera set up in a haunted house. Watch it and see,  Franks Place Links to webcams around the world.  JennyCam Follow the life of Jenny.    Web Camera  Kremlin Kam Live pictures of the Kremlin. L.A Avenue Live Cam A cam mounted on a cars dashboard capturing images of Los Angeles, San Bernardion & Orange County. Images uploaded via wireless connection allowing you to catch a glimpse of city views and lives.  Llama Cam    Web Camera  Nerdman Show What does Nerdman do at home and work. Have a look.  New York Cab Cam Ride around in a New York Taxi between 7am and 7pm US Eastern Time. (5 hours behind UK).  Planet Timmy Follow Timmy at work in Guildford UK.    Web Camera    Web Camera  Popocatepeti Aerial views of Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico.  The Student House Follow 4 students sharing a house in Sheffield.  Sams Webcam Cookbook Instructions on how to set up your own webcam.  Terraserver A Microsoft site providing digital satellite images of Cities across the US and elsewhere.  CamQuest Links to live web-cams.

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