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WWW Address Site Name Description  Comedy Channel Alternative to slapstick, recorded and live stand up routines.  April Fool Practical jokes to play on friends and enemies.  Reeves & Mortimer Comedy  Comedy on the Web Comics and cartoons  BBC Comedy Zone Comedy  Comic Relief Comedy  Dame Edna Everedge Comedy  Danny La Rue Comedy  Ferret Frenzy Virtual ferret and virtual betting all on one site.  Disney Comics and cartoons  The Gallery of Advertising Parody Pot shot at the advertising industry - go on feel free - no advert safe.  America's Dumbest Criminals Read about failed robberies! Ha!  Bert Is Evil Sesame streets character 'Bert'.  Comedy Directory UK directory listing sites available on the World Wide Web  Marks Brush with Greatness Photographs and humor in one site. Humour Database A database of jokes for any occasion. PAW Competitions to create spoof headlines and jingles. Lee & Herring Comedy Men Behaving Badly Blokey lingo, information on the series and cast, as well as a fans forum. Morecambe & Wise Comedy Monty Pythons Flying Circus Illustrations details on what the 'pythons' are up to now and archive of best bits. Penn & Teller Comedy Comedy Store Comedy Dilbert Comedy Viz Comic Online Bi-monthly adult comic. Eddie Izzard Kinda Groovy Homepage Comics and cartoons

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