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WWW Address Site Name Description  AA Smith Ltd General  Acme Marls Ltd General  Advantra International Electrical  A&F Engineering Ltd General  Agut Control Gear Electrical  F Dean and Sons Engineers to the paper industry.  Allenwest Electrical Ltd Electrical  AMP (GB) Ltd Process control services.  Applied Barcodes General  Applied Kilovolts Electrical  Artistic Trims Eclectrics and narrow fabrics  Atlantic Fibre Optics Fibre optic test sets with plug-in modules.  Bedford Dials General  Bendfast UK General  Benning Supplier of power conversion technology.  Best Power UK Electrical  Bomac Electrical  Building Products Index General  Britannialift General  BS Engineering General  Source Cable Accessories Electrical  Caswell adhesives General  Charleswater Europe ESD control products.  Christison (Scientific Equipment) Ltd Particle size reduction technologies.  Colsec Ltd General  Concept Computer Systems Ltd General  Samuel Cooke & co Ltd General  Coote Engineering Ltd General  E Wood Ltd General  Cotswold Architectural Holdings Ltd General  Cullum Detuners Limited General  Ingun (UK) Ltd Test probes for 'Bed of Nails Testers'.  Dantec Ltd General  Davico Industrial Ltd Electrical  Davin Optronics ltd General  Debonaire Corporate Clothing General  DJS Power Ltd General  DMD Dresser UK General  Drugasar Ltd Electrical  Eagle machinery Ltd Electrical  EC Hopkins Ltd General  Egelight Electrical  UK Electrical Links Electrical  EMS (Manufacturing) Ltd Electrical  Enclosure Systems Ltd Electrical  Guide to UK Engineering, A General  Traction Electrical  Exmouth Power Tools Electrical  Eurohose General  Express Circuits Ltd General  Faber-Flaminia General  Firemark Extinguishers General  Flexible Ducting General  Fitzgerald Lighting Ltd Electrical  Food Integrants LTD General  JIT Packaging Ltd General  Leisure & Pleasure Sportswear General  Rainham Signs & Maintenance Ltd General  Sonning Heating Co, The General  Magnetron Sources and Sputter Deposition Systems General  Genlab Electrical  Glass and Marble Ltd We do it on glass.  Glenbery Upholstery General  Global Trace heating Ltd Electrical  Gloria Plc General  Graseby Dynamics General  Gwinnutt Ltd Electrical  Harvey Williams Associates General  Heritage UK General  Horobin ltd General  Hytek Europe General  Iles Optical General  Ion Science General  Lantor universal Carbon Fibres General  ITS (UK) Ltd General  Jetway Associates / Derwyn General  KE Group Ltd Electrical  Kelling Engineering Ltd Business  Ceramic Kiln Furniture General  Linx Pictures International Ltd General  Lista Storage Systems General  Magnum Power Solutions Ltd Internally fitted, uninterruptible power supply.  Mainline Optical Ltd General  Manta General  Master Matting Suppliers of school and activity matting and carpets.  Metcalf General  North London Manufacturers Action Group General  Network Cabling Technology General  Newage Transmissions General  Neyrfor Weir Turbo drilling  recent Advances in Manufacturing Database of bibliographic info for manufacturing.  On-Balance Pocket Scales Suppliers  Pipcar Ltd General  Portway Tool And Gauge General  Powerdrive PSR Ltd General  Powerrun Pipework & Water Projects ltd General  Power Conversion Source for EMC filter, suniterruptible and power supplies.  Premier Services General  P and R Laboratory Group Laboratory suppliers,  Prismo Ltd Visibly safer!  PSM Instrumentation Ltd General  Pullman Express General  QM Systems Ltd General  Quantran Systems Ltd Electrical  Quasar Microwave Technology Ltd Electrical  RAM Jointings Ltd General  Ray lea Springs and Pressings Ltd General  RB Farquhar Group General  Redring Electric Water and space heating technologies  Rhondama Ltd General  Ridgeway control Systems Electrical  R J Stokes General  Robert Horne Paper Group, The General  Robin Green General  Rovic Tiles Tiling and ceramics.  Rowe Hankins Electrical  Ruthin precast Concrete General  RTC Systems Ltd General  Ruberoid General  Russets developments Ltd Manufacture of membranes for storage of a variety of liquids.  Safety Screens Ltd General  Scandelta Electrical  Scimar Engineering Ltd Line powered isolators for RS232 data. Wysemark General  Silicon Galaxy Silicon Galaxy provides semiconductors and accessories.  Sirco Controls Electrical  Skot Transformers Ltd Electrical  Slingco Ltd General  Spiroflow Solids handling.  Starfrost (UK) Ltd Electrical  Tardis Mobile Ltd General  Teacherboards General  Tenmat Ltd General  Texcel Electrical  PCS-Chromex Lithium, alkaline, mercury, Varta, Chromex.  TRL-EMC Ltd Electromagnetic compatibility, radio type approval, low voltage safety testing facilities.  Troy (CL) Ltd General  Ultra Electronics Card systems.  Unitex trading General  Unofoam Ltd General  United Polythene Ltd Converters and printers of polythene packaging films.  Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd Electrical  PA Bailey Ltd Manufacture aluminum foil containers - food industry. Jamie Vans General Vinten Camera supports Webtec Products Ltd General Willingale Tubes Ltd Fabricate boiler spares and pressure and non-pressure parts. Vector Instruments General Zehnder Radiators General

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