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WWW Address Site Name Description  Wallace & Gromit Film & Television  ABC Cinemas Cinema  There's Something About Mary Film  Aint It Cool Movie Reviews Films  Alt Culture Contains news on films, art, music and popular culture of the 90's. Anastasia Film  Apollo Cinema  Austin Powers Film  Bath University Film Society General  Batman & Robin Film    Films  British Film Institute Organisations  Blair Witch Project Film    Films  Back to the Future Film  A Bugs Life For young and young at heart. Meet the characters and play a game.  Caledonian Cinema  Carry On Film  Castle Rock Films    Films  Cineworld Cinema    Films  Cult Movies Checklist Films    Films  Empire Cinema  Film and Television Archive Films  Eyse Wide Shut Film  Cannes Film Festival Event  Film 100 Information on your favourite films and discover more.  Filmsite Lists 100 greatest films of all time. Plus 100 more.  Film Unlimited Cinema and video releases covered.  Filmworld Guide to film fesitvals, cinema listings and Videoworld where you can purchase movies on video or DVD.    Films  Entrapment Film  Gods Among Directors Films  Godzilla Film  Hideous Kinky Film  International Film Festival of Wales Event  Imax Cinema  International Movie Database Magazines and Websites  James Bond Film  Jerry Maguire Film  Jurassic Punk Movie clips.    Films  London Film Festival Event  Behind the Scenes Information on what happens behind the scenes of a film (technically speaking), as well as allowing you to create a short movie. Movie Cliches Films Trailer Park Film trailers.   Films Thomas Crown Affair Film James Bond Home Page Information on James Bond and his movies. Celebrity Film Shakespeare In Love Film Movie Web Films Newline Films Notting Hill Film Odeon Cinema Pathe Cinema Picture House Cinemas Cinema Prince of Egypt Film  Rocky Horror Picture Show Film Runaway Bride Film Saving Private Ryan Film Screen Cinemas Cinema Screens Online Match your movie to your mood, look at reviews, clips and interviews. Cult Film Site Showcase Cinemas Cinema   Films Urban Legends Reference Page Snippets of information you won't necessarily get anywhere else. South Park: The Movie Film Star Wars Film The Phantom Menace Film Tarzan Film & Television The Avengers Film The King & I Film   Films The Saint Film The Sync Information on how to broadcast over the net. Titanic Film UCI Cinema United International Pictures Look at what films are currently in production by this company. The Internet Movie Database Films Virgin Cinema Warner Cinema  Webring Films Wild Wild West Film You've Got Mail Film Hollywood Underground Movie magazine.

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