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WWW Address Site Name  Description ACEKids Kids Internet Games Alive Software Kids Internet Games All Mixed Up Kids Internet Games Ambrosia Software Kids Internet Games  Argosphere Educational and fun site as well as providing information.  Argosphere Games and quizzes for the youngsters. Aunt Annie's Crafts Kids Billy Bear's Fun and Games Kids Internet Games  The Supersite for Kids Kids Internet Games Brain Games & Puzzles  BritKid Trying to make kids think about the world around them. Campbell's Park:  Alphabet Soup Word Game Kids Internet Games PacMan Kids Internet Games  Theodore Tug Boat Multimedia version of a Canadian Cartoon. Suitable for kids just learning to read. The Codebook Kids Internet Games  Dr Rabbits No Cavities Clubhouse Games, tests and colouring books to help promote healthy teeth amongst our children with the help of Dr Rabbit.  Colouring In Interactive site to choose ready-drawn pictures for colouring in. Crafts for Kids Kids  Crayola Artistic tools and games for children to enjoy and learn. Cyberjacques Kids Internet Games Berit's Best Sites for Children Kids Epic Pinball Kids Internet Games Escape from Knab Kids Internet Games  Stage Hand Puppets Make puppets and get involved in creative writing. Kids Internet Games Yahoo Games Games & Puzzles Home Gene Splicing Kit Kids Internet Games  I Spy A simple version of the guessing game for younger children. Curious George Fruit Catch Games Kids Internet Games  Hellow Kittys Tea Party Educational site through pictures and games.  Web Kids Adventure A creative site for kids, helping on a series of stories called Alien 5. WebChess Kids Internet Games Kids Crosswords Games & Puzzles  Kids Publishing A resource for budding young writers. KidsCom Kids Internet Games Knowledge Adventure's Game Pages Kids Internet Games Scrabble Games & Puzzles  Little Bo Peep Tots can follow the Little Bo-Peep story and click on words for pronunciation. Story Fun Kids Monopoly Games & Puzzles  Graveyard Virtual graveyard for Tamagotchi. The Prince and I Kids Charlie Horse Music Page Kids Internet Games Pokemon World Games & Puzzles Puzzle Up Games & Puzzles Build-A-Monster Kids Seussville Games Kids Internet Games Rocket Downloads Kids Software Kids Internet Games Strawberry McCaw's Puzzle Page Kids Internet Games  Dr Seuss Seussville Games to play featuring Dr Seuss. Buzz's Animated Adventures Kids Internet Games Wheel 2000 Kids Internet Games The Funroom Kids The Belly:  Java Games and Chat Kids Internet Games  Thomas the Tank Engine Educational site with games to play. Kids Internet Games  Toy Town Educational and fun site for children of all ages. Trivial Pursuit Games & Puzzles Warner Brothers Games Gallery Kids Internet Games  Volcanoes Through pictures, virtual outings, experiments, quizzes they learn about the geology and local effects of volcanoes. Centiped Kids Internet Games  World Village Nursery school kids get games, comics and puzzles here. You Rule School Kids Internet Games

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