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WWW Address Site Name Description AOL UK Kids Channel Kid's Portals Boston Baked Theatre Kids Link-4-Kids Kids The Bonus Supersite for Kids Children And Youngsters The Sugar Bush Kids Chilren's Music Web Kids Colgate Kid's world Kids Compuserve Kids Kid's Portals Cyberkids Kids Kids World 2000 Kids Enchanted Learning Kid's Portals ePlay Kid's Portals Kids Fox Kids Cyberstations Kids Cyberhaunts for Kids Kids Freeserve Kid's Portals  KidsZone Chat area, web page tools, comics and games. Kid's Portals Kidland Kids KidsCom Kids Kids Online Kids Kids' Space Connection Kids Cyber Patrol's Route 6-16 Kids National Geographic Kids Kid's Portals Kids Web Kids TIME for Kids Kids Lycos Top 5% Kids Sites Kids  Kidssurfer Information on other sites of interest to children as well as prizes to win. Kids Page Kids Surf Monkey Kid's Portals Kids on Campus Kids KidWeb Kids Info Guide:  For Kids Only Kids The Junction Kid's Portals The Children's Literature Web Guide Kids UK Plus Kid's Portals VICNET Kids Terrific Web Sites for Middle School Kids Kids World Village Kidz Kids Xplore Kids Kids  Yahooligans Kids specific search engine by Yahoo. Eliminates all that they shouldn't get to. Kids on the Web Kids

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