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WWW Address Site Name Description    Site for children A Girl's World Free Pen Pal Spectacular Pen Pals For Kids AJ Kids Kids/Juniors Amused Amigos Pen Pals For Kids  British Arthur Ransome Society Magazines Books & Authors    Site for children  Lindsay's Page Lindsay is 7 and you can keep up with her latest activities and her friends. AltaVista Translation Site Pen Pals For Kids  Barbie A site for children but with parent advice. Online catalogue included.  Sherwood Bear Clinic Activities Kids Kidworld Pen Pals For Kids The Beano Kids/Juniors BJ Pinchbeck Sites by Kids Planet Blortland Kids  Boys Brigade Clubs & Activities Children's Express Kids  Teddies College School for teddy bears with entrance exam. Kidsurfer Kids/Juniors  Children's Express National Club-Z Kids/Juniors Theodore Tugboat Kids Children's Stories Poems, stories and pictures Alice Bowen Sites by Kids    Site for children CoolKids Pen Pals For Kids Crayola Kids Curious Kids Kids  The Bear Shop Teddy bears KayNet Kids Dino don Kids  Disney site  Dorling Kindersley Magazines Books & Authors Deaf Kids' Pals Pen Pals For Kids Elizabeth's Snow White Page Sites by Kids Penpals, Projects, and Experts Pen Pals For Kids Little Explorers Kids  Eric Carle Magazines Books & Authors The Bug Club Children And Youngsters Pasadena Kids Pages Kids Family Education Kids/Juniors  Fibblesnork Lego Fan Page  Fitkid Children to eat healthy and exercise safely.  CyberPlaygrounds Site for children of all ages, includes topics such as science, music, computers, animals, sport, art and more.  Summer Fun What to do in the summer holidays, play on the internet. FreeZone Kids/Juniors FunSchool Kids/Infants  Angry Monkey Politics and philosophy for the younger generation. Awesome Math Stuff Sites by Kids Hannah's Petz Page Sites by Kids Kathleen's Home Page Sites by Kids Michael, Randall, and Robert's Home Page Sites by Kids Clare's Page Sites by Kids Pen Pal Places Pen Pals For Kids Pinnayangel's Home Page Sites by Kids  Globe Publisher's Homework Challenge Helps youngsters develop by giving them a set of minor tasks. Rafi's Rainbow Sites by Kids Greatest Places Children And Youngsters Greg Raposo's Home Page Sites by Kids  Girl Guides Clubs & Activities Adria's Home Page Sites by Kids Andrew's Good Art Award Sites by Kids Bedtime Stories Kids/Infants  How Stuff Works Aimed at children how do planes fly? How do fridges keep cold? Are just a few of the questions answered. icanbuy Kids  Street-Level Youth Media Allows kids to understand and use technology. Educate, inform and encourage. Amy's Wonderful Web Site Sites by Kids  Judy Blume Magazines Books & Authors  Kennedy Space Centre Find out what goes on at the space centre  Kids Domain Search for software available by subject or age. KidsFun Kids Kids A Space for Children to Play Children And Youngsters Kid City Kid's Mailbox:  Girls Seeking Pen Pals Pen Pals For Kids Learn2 Children And Youngsters The Learning Company Kids  Lego Information on theme parks, latest products and events coming up. Fun for all ages.  Legoland Windsor Find out what's going on at the Windsor Park  Lego Information, history and help on all types of Lego.  Letsfindout American website full of information for youngsters. Little Planet Times Kids MidLink Magazine Kids Lois Walker's Take Part! Kids Cool Lego Site of the Week Kids Eddy the Eco-Dog Kids Universal Studios Kids Playroom Kids    Site for children Kids Fire Safety Tips Children And Youngsters Miss Kids Tomorrow's Morning Kids  Mr Men Magazines Books & Authors  National Geographic for Kids Magazines Books & Authors    Site for children Nickelodeon Kids The Yuckiest Site on the Internet Kids  Yuck Worms and insects gives kids an education of everything gooey. The NoodleHead Network Kids Fiona's Shark Mania Kids    Site for children  Summer Fun What to do in the summer holidays, play on the internet.  Paddington Bear Magazines Books & Authors Parentsoup Kids  Beatrix Potter Magazines Books & Authors  Puffin UK Meet the author of the month and find out about any related TV and video releases. Download-A-Dinosaur Kids Kids    Site for children    Site for children  Roald Dahl Magazines Books & Authors  Roald Dahl Club Clubs & Activities  National Rounders Association Clubs & Activities  Goosebumps Magazines Books & Authors  Scouts Clubs & Activities  Animal Information Database American Seaworld site. Games to test kids wildlife knowledge & webcam footage of animals being fed.  Dr Seuss Magazines Books & Authors Hotlist: Kids Did This! Kids  Snoopy Magazines Books & Authors Star Child Children And Youngsters  Stone Soup Electronic magazine written and illustrated by 8-13 year olds. World Surfari Kids  English Teddy Bear Company All about English Teddy bears. Kids Emily's Home Page Sites by Kids  Duke of Edinburgh Award Clubs & Activities KidzMagazine Kids Thomas the Tank Engine Page Kids Thunk Kids/Juniors  Tintin Magazines Books & Authors Tristan and Tiffany's Daily Cool Stuff for Kids Kids Trouble Kids/Juniors Children's Literature Web Guide Children And Youngsters  Coasters UK Covers roller coasters and theme parks including photos.    Site for children  Watershipdown Magazines Books & Authors The White House for Kids Kids Neil's World Sites by Kids Beanies Pen Pals For Kids Pen Pals For Kids Colour, Cut, and Fold Village Kids  Peter Rabbit and Friends Your Gross and cook Baby Kids/Juniors Kids on the Web Children And Youngsters

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