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WWW Address Site Name  Description  Daylight Trust Charities  Age Concern England Support and opportunities for older people in the UK.  Action On Child Exploitation Charities  Age Concern Nottingham Charities  Barnados Children  Children in Need Children  Beth Johnson Foundation, The Charities  Bosnian Institute Charities  Children's Aid Direct Charities  Contact a Family UK charity helping families caring for children with any disability.  CamFed Charities  Camphill communities Registered charities which create communities for those with special needs.  Charities Partnership charities  Charities on the Internet Free advice, Web site construction, and Internet consultancy.  CharityCard A simple way to make sure your favourite charities get more money.  Charity Commission UK Government Agency  Charitynet Charity resource site. Mainly UK but also worldwide.  Childline Children  Comic Relief Community  Exeter Darkroom, The A charity dedicated to promoting and making photography accessible to all.  UK Fundraising A resource for UK charity and nonprofit fundraisers.  Give As You Earn The tax free way to give to charities of your choice.  APPD A charity which aims to help physically disabled people.  Kidscape Children  LionNet British Isles And Ireland Local, national and international charity with an aim to serve the community.  Herefordshire Point of Contact Charities  Music Aid Charities  Muslim Aid Charities  NCH Action for Children Children  National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Children  NSPCC Bristol Charities  Prince's Trust, The A charity trust providing small business loans and business start-up assistance.  RADIAN Charities  Red Cross Health  RightsNet News about social security benefit matters; articles on welfare rights issues.  Safeline for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, their friends and carers.  Save the Children Children  Scope Advice and information for people with cerebral palsy.  Children's Society Children Institute for Indian mother and Child (UK) Charities Variety Club of Great Britain Children Scottish Book Trust Charitable organisation promoting reading, writing and writers. Whale Foundation Charities

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