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WWW Address Site Name Description Avenue Veterinary Centre Vets based at Staple Hill, Bristol  Roger W Baker Veterinary Group  Bristol Veterinary School  Parkside Veterinary Centre  Glasgow Veterinary School  Eastgate Veterinary Practice  Golden Valley Veterinary Hospital  Dublin Veterinary School  HomeVet Natural Pet Care Advice on pet care and how to deal with the loss of a pet.  Liverpool Veterinary School  Marlowes Veterinary Surgery  MediaVets  NetPets Information on pet health and nutrition for dogs, cats, fish, birds and horses.  NetVet Veterinary Resources and The Electronic Zoo Gives veterinary medical and animal resources.  Net Vet This site contains specialist directories and veterinary medicine page and an electronic zoo.  Animal Veterinary Nutrition  Oncolink - Veterinary Oncology A veterinary hospital providing information on how to diagnose and treat cancer in animals.  Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals  Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons  Royal Veterinary College London   Woodham Halt Veterinary Clinic  Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons  St Ives Veterinary Surgery  Straid Veterinary Hospital  The Farriery Practice  Vets Direct  Cambridge Veterinary School  Edinburgh Veterinary School  VetAid  VetInfo Search for medical information relating to cats and dogs, and get advice and information on a career in animal care.  VetNet News, reviews and technical information for veterinary practitioners.  White Cross Veterinary Group Providing care for pets in Yorkshire  Oak Veterinary Group Covers Haverfordwest and Clarbeston Wales.

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