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WWW Address Site Name Description  BBC Weather 24 hour and 5 day local forecasts, shipping news and world weather.    Weather  CNN Weather` Weather  Corsock Automatic Weather Station Weather  Germany Weather    Weather    Weather  World Wide Weather Worlds weather bulletin updated every half hour and a radar tracking system.  ITN Weather  Royal Meteorological Society Weather  Netherlands Weather    Weather    Weather  Dept of Meteorology Weather  France Weather  Belgium Weather  MET Office Forecasts, news, world links, research and more.    Weather  Meteorological Office Weather  USA Weather  Online Weather Weather    Weather    Weather  The Weather Channel Focuses mainly on the USA, but also includes the UK all displayed in F.  The Mining Company Weather    Weather  Weather Post Weather  WMO World Meteorological Organisation, world weather, storms, climatic changes and weather systems.  World Climate Centre Long term weather predictions. City based search engine.

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