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International Search Page

There are a few main databases that many of the search engines use, but the topic of search engines is complex as some can search and index frame pages, and some rank items in different orders. There will be a full feature on search engines in START-PAGE.

Try different search engines until you find what you like, but remember less than 25% of the information out there is in any search engine. So if you cannot find it one way try another. This is where these one page multi forms come in so useful.

(Dev note:- a lot of code level tidying still to do and other sites to sort out and add, so look again soon)

Search engines in alphabetical order are on the left and meta-searchers and specialist items on the right. is a search directory run by  people.

Cyber 411 Meta-searcher that allows you to choose and search many engines at once.

 All The Web. Fairly new.

 DogPile Meta-searcher that also contains newsgroups and FTP sites.


Alta Vista. One of the most popular, updated version


 Highway 61 meta-searcher of 'most popular' web search engines.

Ask Jeeves. Ask questions in plain English sends out multiple requests

 Direct Hit. Bright website, given that, really is very good. 

MetaCrawler searches multiple search engines at once. 


Dmoz This is run by volunteers who review each site.

Oingo A meaning-based search -- searches on actual meaning of your phrase

Excite said by many to be the best search engine


Galaxy searches the web, Gopher, and Telnet sites.



GO Network (Previously InfoSeek). A lot of features



Google A fairly new engine.


GoTo. Colorful and finds what others miss.


HotBot  Colorful and good.


InferenceFind an intelligent and fast parallel web search.


Find in: seconds


Look Smart Similar to Yahoo.

Click Here to Explore by subject.



Lycos One of the most popular



Magellan Another very popular choice


MSN. Microsoft search engine. Another popular one


Netfind  AOL popular engine.


Northernlight a long established choice


SearchKing Slow. Allows you to vote on relevant sites. Now you would not vote on your own would you!!!


Snap Priority sequence is given to people who pay for priority!!!


WebCrawler looks at the content of WWW documents.



Yahoo Many peoples first choice, but consider others as well


Yahoo Metro's (US). Localized Yahoo searches for areas in the United States. 

  Enter a Zip code to find a metro area.


There are many thousands of search engines, and we cannot put them all here, many use the same source data, or are relabeled versions of others. We hope we have given you a good selection, but if you find something really good we have missed let us know.