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UK Search Page

Many web sites can be identified by their extension (ie, although some search engines can identify some others, remember that a lot of UK sites use .com extensions, so also look at world wide searches if you cannot find what you want. 

To find major companies look at and for classified entries look in Classified lists or START-PAGE.

 Yahoo (UK)  Probably the best place to start - The UK version of Yahoo

BOTB Search

Search for:

Look Smart UK  a  web directory like Yahoo with UK contents.

Hey, Have you looked at Start-Page yet?

Excite One of the major sites

UK Sites Euro Sites Entire Web Newsgroups

Start-page now has searches by topic, professions, places and more

 Netfind UK  AOL's  UK specific engine.

UK Weather Select your nearest  town or city.

SearchUK Liked by many

in format

Today's (UK) Television. Pick your TV region.


UKdirectory a UK Directory that is also available as a book.

Today's (UK) Radio. Pick a radio station.

Infoseek another favourite.

Today's (UK) Satellite TV. Just select the satellite channel.

Lycos Another site many like

Programme Finder. Pick a style of programme you want.

Ask Jeeves Enter your question here in plain English



Splut New UK search engine. What do you think!.


EuroSeek  search engine for European specific sites.

Foreign Currency Price . (from the post office)

Enter the amount you want to spend in :
  Now just choose the currency you want to buy:

Other useful services

British Telecom Services

Directory enquiries from  BT, this is the original 192 service, but for some reason often won't work as BT says it's busy!!!.

Name e.g. 'Smith' or 'Brit* Telec*
Area e.g. 'Ayr' or 'Edinb*

You may optionally supply any of the following to narrow down your enquiry:
Initials "People" searches only.'
Building &
Street Name
e.g. '72 High' or 'Coron*'

Check your phone bill. (from British Telecom)

Telephone Number : (eg: 0151 123 4567)
Customer Number : (on top of your bill)

RAC Route Planning

Travel planning and reports  from the RAC.

Plan your car journey with this  facility from the RAC. Just enter the town name or full postcode of the location you wish to travel to and from. The RAC can then supply your route, which will detail the major trunk roads and motorways, from your departure location.

Departure location:
Town or Postcode
Destination Location:
Town or Postcode
Find fastest route Find shortest route

Town or Postcode
Town or Postcode
Town or Postcode

Postcode finder Type in an address and get the postcode.

Number, building name, or business name




RAC Traffic News

Get the latest traffic news from the RAC. Choose from one of the options below.

Find a hotel is another great RAC service. Simply type in the name of the town or city where you want to find a hotel and RAC will show you a list of hotels.

Town or City

Address finder works in reverse of 'Postcode Finder'. Just enter a postcode get the full address.


Number, building name, or business name


UK MAPS Enter the town or postcode for a map

More Maps

There are many other mapping services, see the classified and reference sections, or the General area of local pages on START-PAGE.

If you come across a useful search that we have not included please tell us, and we will consider adding it.